EMPS Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Two tables have been merged, "DTC of input signal check function" from page DI-457, and "Diagnostic trouble code chart" from DI-460 and DI-461.
C1511 - Torque sensor circuit malfunction
C1512 - Torque sensor circuit malfunction
C1513 - Torque sensor circuit malfunction
C1514 - Torque sensor circuit malfunction
C1515 - Calibration of torque sensor zero point not performed
C1516 - Calibration of torque sensor zero point not completed
C1521 - Motor circuit malfunction
C1522 - Motor circuit malfunction
C1523 - Motor circuit malfunction
C1524 - Motor circuit malfunction
C1531 - EMPS ECU malfunction
C1532 - EMPS ECU malfunction
C1533 - EMPS ECU malfunction
C1541 - Speed sensor malfunction
C1542 - Speed sensor malfunction
C1543 - Speed sensor malfunction
C1551 - IG power source circuit malfunction
C1552 - PIG power source drop voltage malfunction
C1553 - When resetting voltage, vehicle is being driven
C1554 - EMPS relay circuit malfunction
C1555 - EMPS ECU malfunction
C1556 - P/S warning light circuit
C1557 - Memory of overheat prevention control
C1558 - Memory of voltage drop at motor power supply
C1559 - Memory of continuous control under high load
C1571 - Speed sensor malfunction (Test mode)
C1572 - Speed sensor malfunction (Test mode)

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