Prius Diagnostic Trouble Codes

This area lists the 2001-2003 Model Year Prius (NHW11) Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).  They may or may not be accurate for the 2004 Model Year and beyond (NHW20).

This information has been manually transcribed from the repair manual.  Many thanks go to the person who did this and sent the text to me in e-mails.  There may be the occasional error in the transcription or I may have messed something up in converting the e-mails to Web pages, but most of the weird stuff you'll find here was in the manual.  So, don't correct my grammar or ask me what a "harf" is.  It's Toyota's grammar and only they know what a "harf" is.

I have not tried to distinguish comments inserted by the transcriber from material actually in the manual for fear that I might make a mistake.  It should be fairly obvious because the grammar and spelling will be correct and there will be words like "presumably" which presumably don't appear in the original manual.  Anything I have inserted myself, however, is set off by an italic font.

If your trouble code comes from the Prius Mini-Scanner, you will know which ECU generated it.  So, just go to the appropriate listing and use your browser's search/find feature to locate the code.  If your trouble code comes from another source, such as a standard scanner or the THHT, you may have more difficulty finding your code.  If anyone has a simple text search script that I can insert here to help out, please contact me.

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